Opening your heart... Healing yourself.

Oasis Illuminator is a fountain of light whose objective is to guide you toward your own happiness and internal peace. It will help you to achieve this by illuminator your daily life using techniques and philosophies that will heal your mind, body, and spirit.

About Oasis Illuminador

The objective is to guide you towards your own happiness and inner peace, in order to illuminate your daily life, and thus you can obtain your own Inner Freedom through philosophies, and healing techniques for your Body, Mind and Spirit.

I am a student and practitioner of inner self-knowledge, with the goal of my personal self-realization through union, with my Inner Being, my Real Inner Being, which guides me in my daily life, and through my writings and words.

The beginning in the study of self-knowledge has its origins in my childhood, full of mystical, and supernatural experiences that marked my search in a higher sense of life.

The search for my Inner Christ, my union with my Higher Self and the encounter with my Inner Spiritual Parents has been the main objective in my life. Contact with them came through the healing of my Inner Child.

This search I have maintained for more than 30 years, at the same time that I fulfilled my role in society as a woman, mother, and partner at certain times with the parents of my children.

Through more than 30 years of studies, experimentation and verification, by different schools, healing techniques, philosophies, with self-knowledge tools, such as Astroanamnesis and Astrogenealogy, which are extremely powerful to know who we are, and from there, to be able to work our life more clearly and knowingly.